Just A Couple Of Jerks From Paradise
No one knows the value of a good tug more than I do and perhaps, the people over at Happy Tugs. How do I know that, you may ask? Because they pump out videos like this one that feature hot babes doing one of the sexiest thing a woman can do for a man. Which just so happens to be stroking his cock and giving him a happy ending.

At the beginning of this gallery, this chick acts like she works at just any run of the mill massage parlor. She even begins to give this guy a massage by rubbing his back and shoulders. However, once she flips him over and starts to rub the front of his body, then things take a sharp turn. That's because she isn't interested in rubbing anything other than his now engorged cock.

And when I say she rubs it I really mean is she jerks it furiously, then sucks it and eventually shoves it up her twat. I guess it's all part of some kind of platinum package at this particular parlor—or in reality on this very cool porn site. Check it out, if you like this kind of action and want to see more of it.