How To Be Cool While Getting Fucked By Your Masseuse
Some guys are really nonchalant when they walk into a Happy Tugs video. Take this guy, for instance. He is not surprised at all when he finds out his beautiful masseuse is super fucking hot. He also doesn't bat an eye when she has him strip completely naked, and he also doesn't freak out when she starts playing with his cock. He's as cool as a fucking cucumber.

Now, if that was me I'd be freaking the fuck out. I think I would be so fucking excited that I would probably cum all over her hand the minute she touched my rod. Sure, that isn't very good porn entertainment, but it's the fucking truth. The guy in this scene, however, takes it all in stride. Good for him.

Of course, not every guy who's put in that situation fairs as well as he did. There are a wide gambit of emotions and reactions to this babe doing her job. Some guys are cool like this one, but others freak out or really get into it. However, if you want to see how these guys react you are probably going to have to check it out for yourself on this porn site.