Hand Job Becomes A Money Making Proposition For This Hot Babe
The story behind this Happy Tugs picture gallery is pretty fucking apparent. At least, I believe that it is. In this porn scene, a guy wanders in looking for a standard massage. He wants to get the tension worked out of his shoulders and the aches removed from his back muscles. Pretty standard fare in my opinion.

However, this masseuse had a whole other idea. That's because she needs to come up with a little bit of extra money to pay for her massage room fees. So she pitched this guy an offer he just couldn't refuse. She told him that if he gave he an extra few dollars, then she would give him the experience of his lifetime. And believe me, she wasn't lying either.

The moment the cash exchanged hands, she went right to work stroking his cock until it was nice and hard. Then after she got it to the desired firmness level, she then undressed—laid on top of him and began sucking on his dick. However, the action didn't end there. After a few moments of blowing him, she then let him bang out her tight Asian cunt. All in all, not bad for a few extra bucks.