Happy Endings Are All In The Technique
It always amazes me the variety of different tugs I see on Happy Tugs. The chicks on this porn site really know how to get their guys off and they use a variety of different techniques. Some of them employ the over hand grip, while others use more of a freestyle method. If you don't believe me, then check out how this chick handles the cock in this particular scene.

This babe likes to start off her massage sessions with a two handed approach. One hand to fondle the balls—like all good babes should be doing for their guys—and one hand to work the shaft. And I think that it's a technique that works pretty well. How do I know? Because I've taken the time to look at these pics.

In these pictures, she only has to work his rod for a couple of minutes before he was hard as a fucking rock. Then when he was just about ready to pop his cork, she slowed things down by changing things up. She gave him a few moments to pull himself together and then she pops his cock right into her greedy little mouth. After a few moments of sucking—as well as a little pussy—he is ready to pop like a cork in her very able hands.