Some Girls Know To Give Their Handjobs Slowly
When you are watching a Happy Tug video, you can always tell which of the girls is going to be a really good fuck by how they approach their jobs. What do I mean? Well, it's quite simple. If the girls rush in there and just start spanking cocks, then they probably aren't going to be all that good. However, if they take their time and use a gentle touch, then they are probably going to be some really hot pieces of ass to fuck.

A good example of this is the chick in this gallery. She doesn't rush this guy to his happy ending. No, she takes her time and works him up to climax. She starts off by gently reaching her hand underneath his sheet and gently tugging on his thick, firm cock. Then when his cock is starting to become firm, she then throws off the sheet and begins kneading his meaty cock with both hands. And this is just the start of her little session. Just when he is ready to blow his seed all over her hands, she changes things up. She releases his dick and climbs aboard. She then fucks him with every ounce of energy she has in her body.