She Has A Black Belt In Dick Rubbing
I have seen a lot of tug and pulls on Happy Tugs, but I think this one takes the cake. That's because the chick in this scene is truly a fucking ninja. Not because she's fucking Asian—that would be racists—but because she truly knows how to work a sword. And when I say sword, what I really mean is cock.

Of course, if she is really a ninja, then she is one of the hottest ones I've ever seen in my entire life. This babe has a nice pear shaped ass, perky tits and a nice tight pussy. Sure, her hands might be a little muscular—but you pull dicks all day and see if yours aren't. It's not her fucking fault.

I'm sure the guys who are getting jerked off don't mind her muscular hands. They love the way she pulls meat—so skilled and fast you can barely catch her hands moving on video. And when she places her mouth on her man's rod—kind of like she is operating a blowgun—then it's nothing but magic. She is truly one of the most skilled babes I've seen, regardless of whether she has a black belt or not. She is truly expert at what she does.