Sometimes A Little Lip Service Does The Trick
As I have checked out HappyTugs throughout the last few years, I've noticed one thing. That the girls on this site not only give tug jobs, but they give what I like to call around the world action. They just don't dole out handjobs, they also give out plenty of other sexual acts.

I'll give you an example to support my position. I want you to check out this picture gallery. In these pics, you'll see that these girls just don't go around yanking on pricks. No, they are also pretty adept at handing out blowjobs. In fact, I would say they are pretty damned skilled at it.

The girl in this gallery begins to stroke this guy's rod, but after a few pulls she decides that it would be easier if she just brought her mouth in on the action. And so she does. She wraps those sexy lips around this dude's engorged penis and begins to suck it off. An act, which I am surprised doesn't make him shoot his load right then and there. And then when her lips have done most of the heavy lifting, she then switches back to her hand and gives him his happy ending.